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““Since I have been working with Dave and Theresa I have experienced a personal, spiritual and professional upgrade. Personally because since the very first day they have believed in me and have spoken life and blessings over me. I was met with unconditional love that comes with encouragement to walk into my TRUE IDENTITY! Spiritually the love they have for Abba Father is evident in how they love people. The prayers and support I have received in this area is a gift.. Professionally they do not just do the work for you (media) but everything. comes with instruction and education so that I have been able to increase in my confidence in my calling as well well as my skill level in how to get that across on the media platforms. They are a source of invaluable information and support. I am truly blessed!””

Client/Member Of Kingdom Mentor Academy

Leila Thompson IFFB Pro

“"Ever since I met Theresa Schreck Croft and Dave Croft, I have been so excited to be ministered by them. The teaching on identity has opened my eyes as to who I am in Christ. Truth speaks through them by the Word and through prophecies from the Lord. I have changed and know now who I am. The devotional teachings and sessions through the Vinedresser has been helpful in my life. I love them both very much.”

Member Kingdom Mentor Academy

Elva Ramirez

“ I’m just so grateful to be connected with you and Dave and the Kingdom Mentor Academy. I’m so blown away by how God has given me such peace when I know without a doubt the enemy wanted me to give up. Even in the midst of so much uncertainty about my marriage right now, I have crazy peace. If I were to share with you in detail all that I have walked through these past two and a half years, you would understand what a miracle it is that I am sane and alive today. I have never before in my life believed that I am a much loved daughter like I believe now!”

Member Kingdom Mentor Academy

Misti Graves

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    You have a gift in delivering God's speaking and it's truly beautiful MissTheresa. Thank you for your encouragement, and wisdom in seeing people. I sense you have discernment that runs quite deep.

  • On YouTube

    I cried near the end of your video. Cried because you spoke right in to my heart about what I have gone through and what God wants to do in me. It was like I was talking straight to God. It was like he was telling me that he hears me and is near to me. Your obedience to God is changing lives Theresa. Thank you so much!!

  • Kingdom Academy

    When God led me to you Theresa, I was broken, I was lost, I really felt so "out of it" and not in touch with myself at all and I was truly struggling with my relationship with Him. Through your mentorship, your prayers, your love, your acceptance, and those powerful teaching videos/series in the Kingdom Mentor Media Group I have been able to not only learn more about My Spirit Identity and who I am in Him and as a spiritual being but I have found that quiet intimate place and found Him waiting there for me all along!

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Theresa Croft