Course curriculum

  • 01
    Watch On Your I-phone!
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    • Watch Instructions On How To Add Bookmark
  • 02
    Welcome To Emotional Health-Overcoming Triggers
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    • Watch Welcome Video From Theresa Croft
    • Welcome To Emotional Health-Overcoming Triggers
  • 03
    Session 1-Understanding Triggers
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    • Watch Video 1-Understanding The Triggers
    • Theresa's Notes-Video 1
    • Your Turn To Discuss
  • 04
    Session 2-Steps To Walk In Emotional Health
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    • Watch Video 2-Starting Point To Break Free
    • Theresa's Notes-Video 2
    • What Do YOU Think>
  • 05
    Session 3-Replace Triggers With Word
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    • Watch Video 3-Replace Triggers With Word Of God
    • Theresa's Notes For Video 3
    • How Did This Video Help You
  • 06
    Session 4-Special Webinar With Dave and Theresa
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    • Watch Replay Of Live Webinar
  • 07
    Bonus Video-The Making Of Wine
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    • Watch Bonus Video-The Vineyard And You
    • Are you frustrated?

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