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Kingdom Sparks To Your Destiny
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Do you feel like destiny delay has hit you? I remember feelings like this that seemed to take me out of the count.

Well at least made me depressed and want to take a nap all the time.

It was as if I was left on the back burner with the heat still on. It’s hot, dry, and it even hurts back there.

I understand.

Or maybe it's like this for you. A financial crash has hit hard. You lost your job. You got in an accident. Your child got sick.

Zap. There goes another wall in front of going forward.

I'm so sorry that you feel this way. But guess what? You are not alone and there is HOPE for you. may ask.."Theresa, are there really steps to walk out your destiny?"


IN this FREE VIDEO SERIES, I will share all four steps to help you ignite your destiny on the correct path.

One little step was to go back in your memory and remember what you did as a child playing… What did you enjoy doing?

Did you play house…did you play with dolls…did you construct things…etc

I know I was big into sports with four brothers and eventually became a pro golfer. But…I also have this memory when I was 6 year-old of sneaking my dad’s (modern technology) tape recorder and talking for hours into that thing. I loved microphones. I loved to pretend I was Walter Cronkite or Carol Burnett.

I also loved to pretend to be a preacher. (Never mind I grew up Catholic). I’d tip over apple carts and preach to my little brother. When he got bored, I’d tell the rocks and flowers they needed to repent and be saved.

Anyway…I think you get the idea. By the way, I did spend over 15 years talking and praying into a microphone at a major FM Station outside of Atlanta AFTER a professional golfer career. God is so cool like that. I shared my whole story to the Mentor group.

So I get it though…I understand that over time negative junk comes to your mind…and toxicity gets in there…your brain…and all you see is the lies the enemy wants you to believe.

But as you go through a process and really learn more about your new identity and walk it out, your brain can recalibrate! It’s a process!

So..before I was going to shoot this video, this thought came in a small voice from Holy Spirit.

“Cigarette lighter”!

Think of the friction it takes with your thumb to get a flame out of that cig lighter. (We can call it destiny lighter.) That is the friction, the tension, the stress, the drama, the get something started. You have to move that thumb and trust what’s inside to make a flame to the spark.

And get this, the fluid inside the lighter is the Holy Spirit!

I think you get it. I was quite dramatic in  one of the the videos sharing about this revelation.

Let's get started can sign up for free.

So, listen. IF your thumb (or whatever) is sore and tired. Take heart. You have the real thing inside you…the Holy Spirit.

I believe in you. I believe God put in you a destiny where others are going to be impacted mightily. You are an amazing mom. You are a marketplace man. You are a world changer. You have an extra ordinary solution to someone’s pain point.

Go through the process friend. Create some sparks. Get over your hurting thumb and believe.

I believe in you. I value you too.

(All four steps to spark your destiny are available now to you...FREE!)

Stay abiding amidst the process.

Let's get started can sign up for free.

Theresa Croft
Theresa Croft
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About the instructor

(Above is a video resume from recent social media work)

Theresa Croft, “the media messenger”. is a revivalist. She is creator of the #inthevine and “Listen To The Vinedresser” Movement. She is also author of the Devotional:  Listen To The Vinedresser:  31 Declarations of Who You Are In the Vine, VOLUME 1 AND VOLUME 2 available on Amazon and iBooks.

Theresa helps leaders know their identity so they can have the capacity and resources to succeed in their calling. She is like a football coach relaying to you, the quarterback, strategic calls so you can score many touchdowns in your destiny!

Croft excels as a Social Media Influencer, Author, and Life Speaker. You can view the heart behind this media messenger by going to her Facebook page or being a part of her ezine family with weekly messages of hope and Kingdom life. She is dedicated to spread the “no strive, abide in the Vine” message through media and speaking events.

Theresa is also a social media influencer and marketing consultant. Her specialty in marketing is creating content that connects with social and digital media, resulting in your own culture online.  Croft is passionate about helping businesses and ministries harness the power of the internet to share their message, enabling them  to “reign online”. . Theresa has been known to help many clients, including The Passion Translation, create their own voice and become a social media influencer. 

Croft created and implemented the social media and email marketing campaigns of Stairway Ministries to help them become an “online social media influencer.” Stairway Ministries is the non-profit ministry of Dr. Brian Simmons, lead translator of The Passion Translation Bible.

 She is founder of iKings Media™ and the Kingdom Mentor Academy as well as co-founder of the Kingdom Messenger Network™. She has been involved in media for the past 25 years. 

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