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About Theresa Croft

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    Theresa has an authentic way of hearing the Lord, which has greatly touched me many moments of despair. His word through her is poetic and pure love. He has blessed her with a gentle spirit that speaks many truths for His people.

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    God speaks a lot to me through Theresa. He also does a lot of confirming through her. You can just tell and see that Theresa has a close relationship with the LORD. She is very calming due to the anointing of God upon her life.

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    I cried near the end of your video. Cried because you spoke right in to my heart about what I have gone through and what God wants to do in me. It was like I was talking straight to God. It was like he was telling me that he hears me and is near to me. Your obedience to God is changing lives Theresa. Thank you so much!!

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Watch On Your I-phone
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    • Watch Video For Instructions
  • 02
    Session 1-Tee's Story
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    • My Battle
    • Watch VIDEO 1 A STORY
    • What Are Your Thoughts?
  • 03
    Session 2-Weapons
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    • Read: Weapons To Beat Fear
    • Watch Video 2
    • DISCUSS: Your Thoughts And Testimonies
  • 04
    Session 3-Rest
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    • Read About The Weapon Rest
    • Watch Video 3
    • Any Thoughts on This?
  • 05
    Session 4-Shalom
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    • Read/Download Notes For Video 4 Shalom
    • Watch Video 4
    • DISCUSS: Your Thoughts And Testimonies
  • 06
    Session 5 Zipping Fear
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    • Read How I Zipped Fear
    • Watch Video 5
    • Notes For No Fear
    • Share Your Prayer Requests Or Comments
  • 07
    Session 6 -No Fear Service
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    • Watch Video 6
    • DISCUSS: Your Thoughts And Testimonies

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