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Kingdom Mentor/Media Academy

Did I hear you?

You feel stuck in your destiny. You are caught between the now and the not yet. (Example of training in above excerpt in video here)

You also have asked for help, for keys to handling the challenges of day in and day out living.

You want to know really how to live in the sweet spot in life amidst the pain and even trauma you see around you.

You fear you the process of going forward healed and whole. You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.

 I totally understand that all alone feeling or that thud in your heart wondering if this will ever end. I’m sorry you are going through so much disappointment and heartache.

But I do know how to walk one out of the mess to find the MESSAGE God has wired into your DNA.

I heard it said recently… “Trying to fulfill your call without knowing your true identity will leave you without the true resources to succeed in your call..”

I will get into the trenches with you and take you by the hand in a more intimate place online to speak life, help you embrace the pain, and walk out of the misery to your destiny! You can find the steps to see a  turnaround breakthrough year in your finances, in your marriage, in your business, in your life! 

You can make money and have provision for your vision, money for your message, cash for your calling.

The Premier Kingdom Mentor/Media Academy.

I help people like you to overcome the obstacles that keep them from going forward in their destiny. I’m like a coach who gives you, the quarterback, strategic calls so you can score more touchdowns in your destiny.

I’ve spent thousands upon thousands of dollars are learning marketing strategies. Some were out right duds while others were great.

SAVE money and time and get right to the point of learning so you can lay the right foundation for your ministry or business. Here is what I’ll offer in this Kingdom Mentor-Media Closed FB Group:

  • Live interaction with Theresa in her Private Facebook Group
  • How to understand your true identity in Mentoring Videos
  • How to strengthen your walk with the Lord with Kingdom Training
  • How to find the resources needed for success in your field
  • Discover the world of social media and how to impact your area or sphere of influence
  • Discover Basic strategies on how to share your message online
  • Discover Secrets of Engagement
  • Access to Theresa’s service for building a website at 50% off
  • Let Theresa create and produce videos (50 % off)
  • Premium package of webservices (50%)

Bonuses Complimentary Training & Classes!

  • FREE Access  to the Spirit Identity Video Package which includes an e-book manual.
  • The Quick and Easy Graphics Video Training
  • Video Vault of Previous Kingdom Training
  • Monthly video training from past webinars/videos
  • Get your questions with personal time with Theresa (Free 30 Minute Consultation/prophetic coaching)
  • Action Steps you can take in your Kingdom walk each week
  • Volume 2 of Listen To The Vinedresser On PDF
  • Early Access to the excerpts from The Breaker Anointing book release

 My heart is to see you walking successfully and living in a culture which you are meant to live as a much loved son, a much loved daughter…. You are meant to reign in life.

Social Proof: Testimonials

Members Of The Kingdom Mentor Academy

“Since I have been working with Dave and Theresa I have experienced a personal, spiritual and professional upgrade. Personally because since the very first day they have believed in me and have spoken life and blessings over me. I was met with unconditional love that comes with encouragement to walk into my TRUE IDENTITY! Spiritually the love they have for Abba Father is evident in how they love people. The prayers and support I have received in this area is a gift.. Professionally they do not just do the work for you (media) but everything. comes with instruction and education so that I have been able to increase in my confidence in my calling as well well as my skill level in how to get that across on the media platforms. They are a source of invaluable information and support. I am truly blessed!”

Member Of Kingdom Academy/Client

Leila Thompson IFFB Pro

“I want to say how grateful i am that God has created Kingdom connections with Theresa Schreck Croft and Dave Croft. They have been such a HUGE blessing to me. They pray, prophesy and love on me which is nothing short of being and living like Jesus. I use "Listen To The Vinedresser" with my private/group discipleship courses and have watched them grow in there relationship with the Lord. My next is to venture into all of the media info that is here to really create this year building my business and network with so many more people. Loving them to the kingdom.”

Member Of Kingdom Academy

Tammy Otis Rivera -Healing Hands Holistic Health

“The Lord lead me to Theresa Croft and Kingdom mentoring even before I was going to need this connection. He aligned us before I knew my world was going to get shaken. Had I waited to connect before I needed help it would have been too late. God prepares and makes a way before we even know or see a need. God has spoken to me a lot in this past season in the sense of restoration, renew, remove, redeem...RE..Get that? Today and as we move forward I have seen BE: Beloved, Belong, Believe, Becoming, Be more...BE BE Bee! Before we knew Him He knew us...No striving...Just be. Tee has taught me! ”

Member Of Kingdom Academy

Anna Gabriel

“From the very beginning I felt like you and Dave really helped me in my identity. Seeing me for who I am even though I didn’t know it. You have encouraged me in my identity, my gifting, and who I really am in Christ. You have given me hope in one of my most devastating times in my life. Hearing from the Lord on my behalf to discern something was going on with me has been life changing. Just to know someone was praying for me was incredible supportive You have helped me see the strengths I have as His princess and have spoken life back in to my soul and heart. ”

Member Of Kingdom Academy

Marie James

“Thanks so much for your ever encouraging words! God is so good and faithful! He truly strengthened my body, mind and spirit to do this recent dance. This is the first time since last year and since being hospitalized with the flu (Jan) and again with pneumonia (Feb) that I have ministered in dance! All glory goes to our loving Daddy, Father God! . As in your words, my breakthrough is also your breakthrough! AMEN! Yes I am my Father's Daughter and I am arising to take my place in Him. He has used you along my journey to help me do that. I am forever grateful!”

Member Of Kingdom Academy

Daina Angel-Founder/Artistic Director at Perfected Praise Ministries New Orleans, La

“Theresa Croft created and implemented the social media and email marketing campaigns of Stairway Ministries to help them become an “online social media influencer.” Stairway Ministries is the non-profit ministry of Dr. Brian Simmons, lead translator of The Passion Translation Bible.”

Past Client-Social Media Director

Dr. Brian Simmons -Stairway Ministries-Passion Translation

Video Teaching-Courses

Your Own Classroom Online

  • 01
    How To Watch On I-phone-i-Pad
    Show details
    • Watch Video For Instructions On Smart Phone or i-Pad
  • 02
    Welcome To The Kingdom Mentor/Media Group
    Show details
    • Watch Welcome Video With Instructions
    • Welcome To The Kingdom Mentor Academy
  • 03
    START HERE! 30 Day Action Plan
    Show details
    • Read First-Identity To Destiny Blueprint Action Plan
    • Watch Video Concerning Your 30 Day Action Plan
    • Download PDF OF Your 30 Day Action Plan
    • Let's Meet Again Now
  • 04
    Video of the Month
    Show details
    • The Focus Word
  • 05
    Past Video Of The Month
    Show details
    • Any Questions Or Thoughts ON Special Video
    • Watch Video Father Son Holy Spiit