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The Kingdom Mentor Academy's Redeem Your Voice CAmp

Course curriculum

  • 01
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    • Your Dream Matters--A Welcome
  • 02
    Section 1
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    • Watch Rebuild Part 1
    • Listen To Audio-Section One of Teaching
    • Group Discussion
    • Your Thoughts---Share To Help Others
  • 03
    Section 2-Reset
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    • Watch Teaching On RESET
    • Listen To Audio Of This Teaching
    • What Does Reset Mean To You-How Does This Help
  • 04
    SPECIAL Interview: Getting Started To Share Your Message
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    • Watch Video Interview With Sarah Bournique-THE ASAP Mom
    • Your Thoughts ON This Interview?
  • 05
    Section 3 The Three Pillars To Rebuild
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    • Watch Pillar #1 Communion
    • Watch The Powerful Discussion
    • Listen To Audio Of Teaching
    • Share Your Thoughts With The Group-Commune
  • 06
    Section 4 Commune-Intimacy
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    • Watch Session #4-Dropped Into The Well Of Intimacy
    • Let's Discuss
  • 07
    Section 5-Communicate (Prayer)
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    • Watch Section 5 With Guest Pastor Dave Croft
    • Listen To Dave On Audio
  • 08
    Section 6-Connections-Fireside Chats
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    • Watch Special Voice Camp Before Public Fireside Chat
    • Discuss Your Thoughts

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