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  • Testimony

    * Being part of the Voice camp for me has been life changing. It's were God has come in with Theresa and her teachings at his perfecting timing. * About two years ago The Holy Spirit spoke to me about shedding my past, my character defects ( he calls them) with a program called Celebrate Recovery. In the process of shedding which is painful, because healing can be painful. * I felt he was wanting me to "fill" myself up by, showing me with a newness I never heard before and, depper level with him. * The first step he used with Theresa for me, was My Spirit Idenity. It's where all the pieces started to come together and line up after all that shedding....that's where the hum of heaven changed me and continues, too. * A heart to serve, * Chaplain, * Jackie

  • Testimony

    It's like you're writing my life story at the moment and I'm waiting to see what's next..... Love love love I'm so in love with Jesus Your expression of His love into words that hug your heart and gives clarity on His heartbeat that enchants and amazes my mind you have an amazing gift and I'm so very blessed by your generous sharing Thank you and God bless you! Missy

  • Testimony

    Thank you for your heart and encouragement. Yes, my soul health is finding a spot to sit and read instagram posts and text. I love how He can forge an inlet out of any type of of media platform. Jody

Course curriculum

  • 01
    Webinar Review-Aligning Your Voice To Heaven
    Show details
    • Watch Replay!
  • 02
    SYV #1a-Interview With Roma Waterman-Kingdom Heart On Creativity
    Show details
    • Watch Interview With Roma Waterman
  • 03
    SYV #1b-Betsy Jacobs Interview -Two Parts
    Show details
    • Part 1 Betsy Jacobs-Awakening Your Prophetic Voice
    • Part 2 Betsy Jacobs with Appearance by Firebrand Dave
    • Download Interview Notes
    • Your Take Away From Interview?
  • 04
    Share Your Voice (SYV #2)
    Show details
    • Watch SYV #2 Webinar -Shame-(Teaching in FIRST 30 Minutes)
    • Download Notes For SYV #2
    • Your Thoughts Or Questions!
  • 05
    SYV #3-Shame Part 2/FIRST Lesson
    Show details
    • Replay SYV #3 With Dave Croft
    • Download Notes For #3 - Shame Part 2-
    • Lesson-Share Your Voice Instructions-Writing
    • Your Thoughts Or Questions For Dave?
  • 06
    Share Your Story-My Story-SYV #4
    Show details
    • Watch SYV #4 Voice Camp
    • Read mini e-book-Theresa's Story
    • Your Thoughts Or Questions!
  • 07
    SYV #5 Part 2 Orphan No More
    Show details
    • Watch Voice Camp SYV #5
    • Download Notes For Part 2 Orphan No More
    • Your Voice-Thoughts Matter!
  • 08
    SYV 6: Renew Your Mind-Part 1-Remove Toxicity
    Show details
    • Download Notes For Study & Activation

Course Closed

The Redeem Your Voice Camp Will Re-Open At A Later Date With Monthly Membership