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What Students Are Saying About Theresa Croft

“When God led me to you Theresa, I was broken, I was lost, I really felt so "out of it" and not in touch with myself at all and I was truly struggling with my relationship with Him. After welcoming a beautiful princess, my flower, my butterfly Princess Grace Alana into the world it was a big upgrade and shift for me. Quite the blessing and gift of "Grace" I received and yet..I was still missing that 1st love and that oneness with God. Through your mentorship, your prayers, your love, your acceptance, and those powerful teaching videos/series in the Kingdom Mentor Media Group I have been able to not only learn more about My Spirit Identity and who I am in Him and as a spiritual being but I have found that quiet intimate place and found Him waiting there for me all along! I have been able to rise above fear, doubt, shame, even cycles of defeat that had me bound and I am experiencing a new season In God & freedom and love like I have been longing for, for a very long time and just didn't know just how to get there. I am thriving, growing and as He waters me and tends to me and prunes me, I am feeling His love and I honor your lives Theresa & Dave Croft and I praise God for leading me to you and your teachings. Thank you for making it so accessible and easy to use and navigate platform. ”

Student/Member Of Kingdom Academy

Adaykis Betancourt

““Since I have been working with Dave and Theresa I have experienced a personal, spiritual and professional upgrade. Personally because since the very first day they have believed in me and have spoken life and blessings over me. I was met with unconditional love that comes with encouragement to walk into my TRUE IDENTITY! Spiritually the love they have for Abba Father is evident in how they love people. The prayers and support I have received in this area is a gift.. Professionally they do not just do the work for you (media) but everything. comes with instruction and education so that I have been able to increase in my confidence in my calling as well well as my skill level in how to get that across on the media platforms. They are a source of invaluable information and support. I am truly blessed!””

Client/Member Of Kingdom Academy

Leila Thompson IFFB Pro

““Thanks so much for your ever encouraging words! God is so good and faithful! He truly strengthened my body, mind and spirit to do this recent dance. This is the first time since last year and since being hospitalized with the flu (Jan) and again with pneumonia (Feb) that I have ministered in dance! All glory goes to our loving Daddy, Father God! . As in your words, my breakthrough is also your breakthrough! AMEN! Yes I am my Father's Daughter and I am arising to take my place in Him. He has used you along my journey to help me do that. I am forever grateful!””

Student/Kingdom Academy

Daina Angel

Course curriculum

  • 01
    How To Watch On Your I-phone
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    • Watch This Video For Instructions
  • 02
    A Special Welcome From Theresa Croft
    Show details
    • Welcome
  • 03
    Show details
    • Spirit_Identity_Booklet
  • 04
    Session 1-What Spirit Identity
    Show details
    • Read This First!
    • Watch NOW-Video 1-What Is Spirit Identity (updated)
    • DISCUSS: Share Your Process Of How This Is Hitting You
    • Watch What Is Spirit Identity Part 2
  • 05
    Session 2-Your Spirit Identity Comes From His Presence
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    • DOWNLOAD NOW-Video 2 Notes
    • Watch Now-Video 2
    • Discussion with Session 2
  • 06
    Session 3-Spirit Identity And Your Mind
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    • DOWNLOAD NOW-Video 3 Notes
    • Watch Now-Video 3
    • DISCUSS: Does This Make Sense?
  • 07
    Session 4-Soul Wounds (Part 1)
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    • Soul Wounds Part 1
    • Watch Now-Video 4
    • DISCUSS: Drama Of Your Trauma
  • 08
    Session 5-Soul and Body
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    • Download Now Soul and Body Notes
    • Watch Now Video 5
  • 09
    Bonus Session Inner Unity Part 1 & Part 2
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    • READ: Inner Unity: Unity With Your Soul to Your Spirit
    • Watch Video-Inner Unity Part 1
    • Watch Video-Part 2 Inner Unity
    • DISCUSS: Share Your Thoughts
  • 10
    Bonus Video--You Are A Revivalist
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    • Bonus:Watch A Kingdom Mentor Group Video
  • 11
    Bonus-Declarations With Listen To The Vinedresser
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    • Bonuses
  • 12
    Bonus #1 Audio Of 21 Declarations
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    • Download The Audio of 21 Declarations
  • 13
    Bonus # 2
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    • I Will Declare Booklet-
  • 14
    Bonus 3- Coloring Book
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    • Download Coloring Book

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